Boarding school in south Africa Pretoria

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List of Boarding Schools in Pretoria

Pretoria Boys High School
St Alban’s College
St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls, Pretoria
Cornwall Hill College
Pro Arte Alphen Park
Reddford House The Hills
Pretoria High School for Girls
Waterkloof House Preparatory School
The Waldorf School at Rosemary Hill
Connerstone College

Top 10 Best Boarding Schools in Pretoria

1. Pretoria Boys High School

Pretoria Boys High School is a public, fee charging, English-medium boys high school located in Brooklyn, Pretoria. Boys’ High academic achievement rates it among the best high schools in Pretoria, and in South Africa, as well as in Africa in general. Today, the school has more than 1,500 pupils, including 300 boarders. Boys’ High is administered by roughly 100 full-time staffs.
Important Information:
Address: Roper St, Brooklyn, Pretoria, 0181
Telephone: +27 12 460 2246
Grades: 8 to 12
School Fees Form I & II (Grade 7 & 8): R52,750 p.a.
School Fees Form III & IV (Grade 9 & 10):
R50,600 p.a.
Schools Fees Form V (Grade 11): R51,500 p.a. includes book deposit;
Boarding Fees: R63,500 p.a.
Form I & II (Grade 7 & 8) School & Boarding (Combined Fees): R116,250 p.a.
Form I & II (Grade 7 & 8) School & Boarding (Combined Fees): R114,100 p.a.
Form V (Grade 11) School & Boarding (Combined Fees): R115,000 p.a.
Enrollment: ~ 1,500

2. St Alban’s College
St Alban’s College is a private, boarding and day school for boys located in Pretoria, South Africa. Established in 1963, the school ranks their top ten students of each grade every term; in addition, House Positive is equal to an average of 65% or above and School Positive is from 75%. Since 2008 students at St Alban’s College undertake examinations set by the Independent Examination Board of South Africa.
Important Information:
Address: 110 Clearwater Rd, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria, Gauteng, 0081
Telephone: +27 12 348 1221
Grades: 8 to 12
School Fees: R247,900 (boarding), R140,200 (day boy) p.a.
Enrollment: ~ 569
3. St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls
St Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls is an independent, denominational high school for girls, located in Pretoria. Founded in 1886 with just 20 pupils on the register; the school has now grown to housing over 1,000 pupils.
Important Information:
Address: Duxbury Rd Hillcrest Pretoria, 0083
Telephone: +27 12 366 0500
Grades: 8 to 12
Schools Fees: R126 900 to R138 000
Enrollment: ~ 1,000

4. Cornwall Hill College
Cornwall Hill College is a private, non-denominational, boarding school located in Pretoria. Currently, the school has about 1,800 pupils ranging from the pre-primary level to Grade 12. Cornwall Hill college offers boarding facilities for both boys and girls from Grade 7 to Grade 12.
Important Information:
Address: Nellmapius Dr, Irene, Pretoria, 0062
Telephone: +27 12 667 1360
Grades: 000 to 12
School Fees:
Grade 000 to 11 Application Fee: R500
Grade 000 to 1: R57 150 p.a.
Grade 1 to 3: R62 150 p.a.
Grade 4 to 7: R67 150 p.a.
Grade 8 to 9: R75 500 p.a.
Grade 10 to 12: R89 050 p.a.
Enrollment: ~ 1,800

5. Pro Arte Alphen Park
Pro Arte Alphen Park is a private, co-educational, English, day and boarding high school located in Pretoria East. It is one of only three schools of specialization focused on the arts.
Important Information:
Address: C/O Roeline & Selati Street, Alphen Park, 0081
Telephone: +27 (0) 12 460 6221
Grades: 8 to 12
School Fees:
Grade 8 to 12 School Fee: R29,590.00 p.a.
Grade 8 to 12 Boarding Fee: R56,122.00
Enrollment: N/A

6. Reddford House The Hills
Reddford House The Hills is a private, co-educational, private school for boys and girls located in Garsfontein Road, Pretoria East—in the Hills Game Reserve Estate. It caters for pupils from the Early Learning stages through to College. The Hills is one of the most sought after private schools in Pretoria East .
Important Information:
Address: Garsfontein Rd, Pretoria East, 0057
Telephone: 010 060 0757
Grades: 000 to 12
School Fees: Early Learning School: R20 420 to R59 038 p.a.
Grade 1 to 7: R62 647 to R80,713 p.a.
Grade 8 and 9: R88,283 p.a.
Grade 9 to 11: R93,107 p.a.
Grade 12: R93,107 p.a.
Enrollment: N/A

7. Pretoria High School for Girls
Pretoria High School for Girls commonly known as PHSG is a public, fee-charging, English-medium high school for girls situated in Pretoria. Pretoria Girls High is supported by some of the most influential people and oarganizations. PHSG was voted by the Pretoria News as the best high school in Pretoria. PHSG is one of the best schools in Gauteng in academic achievement. They are listed in the department of education’s top 100 list, and the school have had a 100% Matriculation pass rate. PHSG has also won a prize for Excellence in Mathematics because 138 students attained a higher grade mathematics pass mark. It is in the top 5 public schools in the province.
Important Information:
Address: 949 Park St, Arcadia, Pretoria, 0083, South Africa
Telephone: +27 12 430 7341
Grades: 8 to 12
School Fees Grade 8: R40 320.00
School Fees Grade 9-12: R36 000.00
Boarder Fees: R56 000 or R14 000
Enrollment: ~ 1,500
Medium of Language: English

8. Waterkloof House Preparatory School
Waterkloof House Preparatory School commonly known as WHiPS is a private primary schools in Pretoria, South Africa. The primary school offer education to Grade 000 and Grade 00 boys and girls, and Grade 0–7 boys only through the medium of English.
Important Information:
Address: 535 Ruddell St, Brooklyn, Pretoria. 0181
Telephone: +27 12 460 5221
Grades: 000 to 7
Enrollment: ~ 460

9. The Waldorf School at Rosemary Hill
Waldorf School is an independent, co-educational boarding school located in Pretoria East. It caters for pupils from Grade 1 through to Grade 9. Waldorf School currently accept children from 3 months up to Grade 9.
Important Information:
Address: Plot 147 & 148, Mooiplaats, Pretoria
Telephone: 012 802 1175
Grades: 1 to 9
Schools Fees:
Application Fee: R800
Administration Fee: R1,000 p.a.
The Kindergarten School Fees: R40 392 – R43 992 p.a.
Grade 1 to 6 School Fee: R59 820 p.a.
Grade 7 to 9 School Fee: R68 364 p.a.
Boarding Fees for Grades 1 to 9: R90 096 p.a.
Enrollment: N/A

10. Conerstone College
Cornerstone College is a private, day and boarding High School located in Silverton, Pretoria. The school provides a standard education at the lowest possible cost. Presently, the school has more than 1,200 students in total, of whom 200 students are boarding.
Important Information:
Address: 530 Moreleta Street Silverton, Pretoria, 0184
Telephone: 012 804 8350
Grades: R to 12
Schools Fees:
Grades R to 7 Application Fee: R400
Grades R to 7 Schools Fee: R25 770 p.a.
Grades 8 to 12 Application Fee: R500
Grades 8 to 12 School Fee: R31 480 p.a.
Boarding Fee:
Application Fee: R200
Boarding Fee Monthly: R420
Boarding Fee Per annum: R44 300
Enrollment: ~ 1,200

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