Aviation school in south Africa

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The Top 12 flight Schools in South Africa You need to check out .

#1. 43 Air School
Location: 43 Air school is located at Port Alfred Aerodrome Bathurst Sheet, Port Alfred, 6170, South Africa.
The flight school made it to the top as one of the largest Flight school in South Africa. 43 Air schools is a dedicated flight training Organization which caters for private, General, commercial airline sectors.
Meanwhile, They don’t serve only South African Students they also use to International Students.
Number Staffs: 75 full-time flight Instructors
Fleet: 70 Training Aircraft
PPL Private Pilot Licence
CPL Integrated Commercial Pilot Licence
IATPL Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License
IJPP Integrated Jet Pilot Program – Type Rated
Grade III Instructor Rating
IJPP INTEGRATED Jet Pilot Program – Airline Ready
#Technical courses
Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic
Aircraft Structures Worker
Aircraft Avionics
Aircraft Maintenance Theory
Trade Preparation & Test
#ADVANCED COURSES (Initial Type Ratings)
Jet Type Ratings
Turbo Prop Type ratings
Piston Type Ratings
Jet Recurrent
Turbo Prop Recurrent
Crew Resource Management
Safety & Emergency Procedures Training
Dangerous Goods
RVSM Workshop
Airline Multi Crew Co-Operation (MCC)
Airlines Jet Orientation (JOC)
Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Co-Operation (APS MCC)
Type Rating A320 or B737NG
SACAA Certification: Verified
Course Price Quotes: Check the Flight School Website
#Contact Details
43 Air School Port Alfred
+27 46 604 3600

#2.Eagle Air
Location: Eagle Air is located at Wonderboom National Airport Pretoria South Africa. AirLink also operates at this Airport too.
Eagle Air is one Elite School which have been in Existence for about 12 years now and still counting. Moreover, Eagle air has a combined professional experience of above 15 500 hours among the firm flight instructors.
The flight school has a fully functional Air Traffic Control Tower, with a ground frequency so students are exposed to radio work from the start and this creates confident and polished pilots.
Fleet Size: 12 training Aircraft ( Eagle Air recently launched a new flight simulator)
Private Pilot’s Licence
Night Rating
Instrument Rating
Commercial Pilot’s Licence
Multi-Engine Rating
Flight Instructors Rating
Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence
Radio Licence
Jet Rating
First Aid & Fire Fighting
Dangerous Goods
Crew Resource Management
Contact Details
Contact Eagle Air
Tel: +27 12 543 1929
Fax: +27 12 543 1923
Check Out Eagle Air Open Day

#3. Blue Chip Flight School
Location: Blue Chip Flight School is located at, 109 Linvelt Rd, Onderstepoort, Pretoria, 0110, South Africa.
This another Flight school in South Africa that also Trains Students at Wonderboom National Airport Just like Eagle Air. However, Blue Chip Flight School has been around for 22 years, awarding people with wings and the freedom to forge exciting careers in aviation.
Fleet Size: About 7 safe Training Aircraft Which are;
Cessna 172’s, Sling II’s, Sling IV, Piper Warrior 161, Cessna 172 RG, Baron BE 55 and, PC 12 (T & C’s)
Courses Available:
Private Pilot License
Commercial Pilot License
Airline Transport Pilot License
Night Rating
Contact Details
Main Terminal Building, Wonderboom Airport, Pretoria, South Africa
+27 12 543 3050
For More Information on Course Price Quotes

Location: AAA 4 Pilots is situated at Hanger 8, Airport, Fairway, Virginia, Durban North, 4051, South Africa.
Approved by the SACAA, AAA 4 PILOTS is one of the leading flight schools In South Africa. With qualified Flight Instructors, The flight Academy caters for airline pilot training for both national and international students from all parts of the world.
Fleet Size: N/A
Courses Available
Private Pilot License
Commercial Pilot License
Airline Transport Pilot License
Night Rating

#5. Aeronav Academy
Location: Lanseria Airport Gauteng South Africa. Aeronav Academy is a well -known and long established name in the aviation training industry in South Africa (35 Years of Safety Experience).
Aeronav Academy can be said to be one of the oldest Aviation Training Industry In SA.
Recently, Aeronav Academy launched a brand new Alsim ALX flight and navigation procedures trainer (FNPT II). In order to ensure convenience for students
Fleet Size: 4 Training Aircraft
Courses Available
Private Pilot License
Commercial Pilot License
Airline Transport Pilot License
Night Rating
Multi-Engine Rating
Flight Instructor Rating
Instrument Rating
Validation and Foreign License
Ground school
Contact the Flight School
Address: Gate 9A Airport Road, Lanseria Airport, Lanseria, Johannesburg, 1748, South Africa
Phone: +27 11 701 3862
Visit the Website for more Information

#6. Johannesburg School of Flying
Location: Johannesburg School of Flying is located at Spitfire, Germiston, Johannesburg, 1401, South Africa.
This is the oldest flight school in the whole of South Africa. Established in 1981 with over 3000 graduates around the globe with an excellent safety record and top efficiency in service delivery. Johannesburg School of flying train at Rand Airport.
Fleet Size: 7 Training Aircraft.
Courses Available
PPL – Private Pilot License
NR – Night Rating
IR – Instrument Rating
CPL – Commercial Pilot License
Instructor Rating
Multi-engine Rating
ATPL – Airline Transport Pilot License
Contact Johannesburg School of Flying
Physical Address:
Rand Airport Opposite Main Terminal Building Germiston Johannesburg, South Africa
0027 (0) 11 827 9827, 0027 (0) 11 824 3990

#7. Algoa Flying Club

Location: Boeing St, Schoenmakerskop, Port Elizabeth, 6011, South Africa
AFC is a non-profit flying organization that provides all forms of flying training and self-fly hire. However, with the specific goal of making flying accessible to as many people as possible, within a friendly environment where members, students, and their guests can relax after their flights.
AFC is one of the most recommended and reviewed schools in South Africa. Algoa Flying Club is one of the Oldest Flight School in South Africa.
Fleet Size: 5 training Aircraft with One Flight Simulator
Courses Available
Private Pilot License
Commercial Pilot License
Airline Transport Pilot License
Night Rating
Restricted Radio License
General Radio License
Contact Details
Telephone: +27 41 581 3274
Email: info@algoafc.co.za

#8. AFOS – Pilot Flight Training Academy
Location: Hangar 40 Lancaster Avenue, Rand Airport, Germiston, 1401, South Africa
Johannesburg based school for flying, they specialize in fixed-wing flight training from their facilities at Rand Airport, Hangar 40, and also offer students professional flight training at competitive, market-related rates.
This another Flying School In South Africa that makes use of Rand Airport to Train their students.
Fleet Size: 7 Training Aircraft
Courses Available:
Private Pilot License
Commercial Pilot License
Hire & Fly – Hour Building
Night Rating
Multi-Engine Rating
Flight Instructor Rating
Price Quotes: Please we advise that you check their Website and Contact for Confirmation So Check out their Online Portal
Contact Details
TEL: +27 11 827-4125
Email address: fly@afos.co.za

#9. Morningstar Flight Academy
Location: MFA is located at N7, Cape Farms, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa
MFA is situated a mere 25km from Cape Town’s CBD at the Morningstar Airfield. The airfield is conveniently situated in the general flying zone, which ensures that no time is wasted during flight training
Fleet Size: Five slings In MFA Fleet
PPL Ground School
Private Pilot’s License (PPL)
S.A. – National Pilots License (NPL)
Traditional microlights
Contact Details
+27(0)21 300 0641
Administration & Enquiries
+27(0)87 910 0978

10. Virginia Flight School
Location: Virginia Flight School is a Fixed-Wing Flight Training Organization situated on the Durban Coastline at Virginia Airport in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.
Fleet size: VFS has a fleet of 8 training aircraft.
Private Pilot License
Commercial Pilot License
Airline Transport Pilot License
Night Rating
Other Training Courses
Aircraft Hire and Fly
Conversions/Differences Training
PPL/CPL/ATPL Ground School
Restricted Radio Telephony License
General Radio Telephony License
English Language Proficiency Ratings
Initial Multi-Engine Rating
Foreign License Validations/Conversions
Contact Details
Virginia Flight School, Virginia Airport,
220 Fairway, Durban North, 4051
+27 (0)31 563 2080 / Fax +27 (0)31 563 0945

#11. Skyhawk Aviation
Location: Skyhawk A. Is Located at Gate 5, Hanger 30, Lanseria International Airport, Airport Rd, Lanseria, 1738, and South Africa.
Moreover, Skyhawk is one the Leading Flight School in South Africa recommended especially by graduates from Skyhawk Aviation Academy. They are also used to international and local students.
Fleet Size: N/A
Courses Available
Private Pilot License
Night Rating
Commercial Pilot License
ATPL Preparation
Instrument Rating
Initial Multi-Engine Rating
Instructors Rating
PPL and CPL Ground School theory classes
Skyhawk also provides Hire and Fly options for recreational flyers with Structured Hour building for the Commercial License offered in bulk packages to suit your needs.
Contact Details:
Office: 011 701 2622 or 011 659 1004
Mike: 082 460 7796
Tracey: 072 484 7984
Email: info@skyhawk.co.za
Visit: Hangar 10, Gate 6, Lanseria International Airport
Finally, One thing you need to Know about South Africa, Especially People at the Eastern Cape Is that People are really nice compared to people in Asia or from larger Western Cities.
Nevertheless, Choosing one of these Recommended Top Flight Schools in South Africa Will not be something you will regret as most of these flight schools are somehow interconnected. Feel free to ask your questions.
Our Best Choice: 43 Air School and Eagle Air
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