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feelschol is the service of feelschool limited

feelschol   started in   7/02/2014  and it became incorporated on 16/07/2015

feelschol now has two domains  and www.feelschol.com



EMAIL:      feelschol@gmail.com



1.register with username

2.register with an email

3.put in the password and confirm it.

4.press ok ,automatically u are registered to feelschol

5.then log in with username and password

6.press add new post and start posting information for your school


       Feelschol  is online portal search engine for schools ,institutions and universities ,it will make online adventure easy for people to search their favorite schools, institution and universities.

Its main aim  is to collect all schools, institutions and universities in one database  with their information worldwide.


                                                  FUNCTIONS OF FEELSCHOL.

1.ADVERTISING  Helps school directors to advertise the school  worldwide.

2.SCHOOL UPDATES Helps directors to send school updates for example parties, school sports days and graduations.

3 . RESULTS With feelschol, schools are able to send student’s results like for example for p 7 pupils,s 4 student’s,s 6 and then also university graduates.

4.CONTACTS   Here fees structures are given in for each school.

5.LOCATION  Exact school can easily be found from feelschol

6.ENOUGH  KNOWLEDGE Any required contacts for the school and any need can be given in through


7.STRUCTURES  School structure will be presented for example school appearance , buildings etc


              USE TO PARENTS

1.With feelschol a parent from a far area may easily choose  school from afar area just directly by searching from feelschol on his/her phone  or a computer without any inconvienince.

2.feelschol helps a parent that has shifted from adiffernt area say from mukono to wakiso and doesn’t know a school in wakiso he/she will just use a phone or acomputer to search a school from feelschol for his/her parent.

            USE  TO AGUARDIAN

Some students have guardian from outside countries ,this will help them to check and look for appropriate school for students just directly fro feelschol.

          USE  TO STUDENT

1.Feelschol helps a student to check their schools and be proud of that they are online and this helps them to get sponsor from outside country.



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